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    "You wanted to "talk"?" - TheGrandmaster, ssj4gogita4, CarolusJohanneus (PM)


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    "You wanted to "talk"?" - TheGrandmaster, ssj4gogita4, CarolusJohanneus (PM)

    Post by HawkbitAlpha on Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:02 pm

    TheGrandmaster wrote:
    After what I just saw happen, you can FORGET about talking to me, good sir. I have ZERO reason to even attempt to negotiate with someone who dismisses complaints against him by banning the complainer. So Hunter does nothing but criticize you? Hm. I don't see where that was in the rules, do I? You have done NOTHING here but demonstrate to me that you get overly defensive.

    If you think I'm going to be put into another "negotiation" with the internet equivalent of Amy Bouzaglo from Amy's Baking Company, you're dead wrong. I'm at my wits' end with you, and me even trying to talk to you will only end badly. That being said, maybe Johann will listen to your crap (and I'm gonna add him into this PM for the exact reason of finding out), but at this point, you've attained the status in diplomacy of persona non grata. Good day.

    CarolusJohanneus wrote:
    ...Oh dear. I missed out on something major again.

    ssj4gogita4 wrote:
    I mean, I'm giving you an opportunity to state HAO's case. I posted "for now you are banned" which means I wanted to talk to you because all I can see from your team is they don't like anything on SBM (staff, other members, etc.). That's what I've witnessed. Hawkbit seems to be the only one that has posted in more areas instead of mainly just complaining. That's great. That's what I like to see. That's what I want to see more of.

    I'm giving you the opportunity to try and reverse the ban. I'm not here to be "Amy" but rather to just discuss why I banned and what can be done to keep this from happening again. I guess me being defensive of the forum that I've created and owned for the last 12.5 years is bad? I understand that HAO has been a mod/staff on another forum for 11(?) years and that's fine. I would hope that HAO understands and can respect other forum rules and understand how to post in a forum. I'm sure he does.

    I'm not interested in talking to anyone else about this because I know you've been "the go to guy" for years since the team first started here. :dunno:

    CarolusJohanneus wrote:
    Unfortunately, he has a point. What you did here today has only served to fuel the fire even more, and the end result is you being treated like the diplomat of a hostile nation. You have, in an internet manner of speaking, been rejected by the foreign party (Martin/TF51), and are being sent home. And as we all know from history, such an occurrence almost always preempts a war.

    You and I need to talk about this, and for different reasons than Martin simply backing out in anger. I, the de jure chief diplomat of TF51 (or, in your terms, the actual "go-to guy"), served over Martin in the team leadership for all of 2015, and then some.

    TheGrandmaster wrote:
    So you're that ::dolphin noise::ing insistent, are you? I'll tell you how this is going to work, if that's the case. You have one of two options:

    A) Talk to Johann alone and have a much better chance of good outcome.
    B) Talk to me directly, but also before the entire Task Force negotiations board, and risk getting heavy flak from them in the process.

    Truth be told, I just got through conducting a full-team vote on whether or not I should make SBM a declared total enemy of ours: the results are an almost-unanimous yes (though I do find it interesting all of the original TR voted no). You're one step away from screwing yourself over, and I am NOT going to be the one to cause that screw-up this time. This is all on you, buddy.

    Johann's offer: Take it or leave it.

    ssj4gogita4 wrote:
    All I want to do is talk with you. I don't want to talk to anyone else. If you can't talk one-on-one, then there's nothing to discuss. I'm not sure why you have to have the team (or at least one other person from the team) in almost every situation. :dunno:

    TheGrandmaster wrote:
    Gee, I don't know why, maybe because you just banned the executive officer out of just being annoyed? You must not have gotten the point of the poll, because almost everyone, even Hawkbit to a degree, is angered with you. The negotiations board alone is being generous.

    ssj4gogita4 wrote:
    I didn't really ban HAO because he was being annoying. All your team, with the exception of Hawkbit (I think the only one), has done is...yet again...tell us how to do our jobs and troll SBM. I'm not here to have trolls on my board. At first, HAO was just posting elsewhere on the forum but the last 10 of the 18 posts have been trolling, rudeness, or just criticizing staff. If all he's here to do is tell us how to reduce the drama, that will not fly. He should probably do that elsewhere on the internet.

    This is why I'm here to discuss the ban with you. It's still possible to overturn it but you're not getting at what I'm trying to do.

    Let me ask you a question...if I came to your forum and just criticized every decision or staff member and how they do their job, that would be welcomed and not defended? I wouldn't get in trouble for consistently doing so?

    Btw, it's not really "almost unanimous" poll if several people don't want to declare SBM as an enemy and then several haven't voted.

    CarolusJohanneus wrote:
    Listen up. I cannot, and will not, sit through this any longer. Not for personal reasons, but for two others: it is currently almost 3 in the morning, and the longer this goes on, the worse it will get. The above link is a temporary Chatzy I put together specifically for us three.

    Yes, us three. You may want a one-on-one, but I, as chief diplomat, not only have a place in this, but I strongly feel that I need to give my thoughts on this as well. I want to make sure we have this covered from more than one of our anger-based angles. (Our clerk, Falkon, is in the chat as well, but pretend he is not - his only reason to be there is to report what happens to the others.)

    This is the whole PM, given to us by Johann. These are the facts - make your own judgement.

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